China’s machine tool output in 2009 surpassed Japan

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Japan’s machine tool output the first time in 27 years on the throne of the world’s first fall. In 2009, Japan’s machine tool output value of 57% less than in 2008, to 58 billion U.S. dollars, overtaking the Chinese in one fell swoop.

China’s machine tool output in 2009 to 109 billion U.S. dollars, up 9% over the previous year. Between Japan and China so large gap between the estimated hard to regain Japan’s position as the world. Japan has always been to support the industrial world of manufacturing machine tools, and now this situation ushered in a huge turning point.
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Lushun business negotiation skills to carry out staff training

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May 2010, the growth of demand for employees and the company’s overall development, land along the training needs of scientific and technological findings for staff planning arrangements on the theme “Business negotiation skills” training. Through training, employees learn to negotiate more in-depth techniques and advanced experience.
In the training session, general manager ZhangZuming( spoke first. general manager Zhang said that as a well-known oil purifier, oil purification, oil recycling machine manufacturers hope that through this training, participants can improve employee business negotiation skills, and effectively improve staff communication skills. Next, the training speakers to vivid example of Zhang and detailed analysis of the actual talks to staff teaching methods; the assistant to staff the scene of the demonstration simulation, give employees a deeper understanding and learn how to create a win-win negotiations , how to obtain vested interests while allowing customers satisfied. These good skills and experience of advanced technology land along the staff can be called a huge asset. “Business Negotiation Skills” training for smooth, bound for the land along the development of technology to inject new momentum.

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Oil purifier market distribution

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China’s oil purifier market, mainly in Chongqing, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Guangdong and Shandong and other places, including Zhejiang and Guangdong, the most prominent. Chongqing has always been known as the “machinery of the city”, and Chongqing were very strong sense of market operations, products from the original pot, oil purification all the rage last year, scooters, brought them pure gold.

Chongqing: The oil regeneration machine will soon become the world’s production center. At present, the Yangtze River in Chongqing and the surrounding area gathered more than 100 oil recycling machine companies, employing over 10,000 people. Consecutive five oil purifier held in Shenzhen Exhibition, which attracted 25 countries and regions participated in more than 1,000 companies, is currently China’s most professional and international standards of oil purification industrial exhibition.,,,,

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environmental equipment has been attached to

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Environmental Protection has received increasing attention of all peoples, our country, while focusing on economic development, but also as a basic national policy of environmental protection, therefore, environmental protection apparatus, equipment research and development and use of more and more attention . Industry experts, focus on strengthening environmental law enforcement, accelerate the pace of green building, green building to increase investment to develop new environmental Chanye the growth point of national economy needs, Instrumentation Industry product market environment will be significant growth. Especially in environmental protection instruments on the atmospheric environment, water environment, environmental monitoring automation control systems, oil purifier, oil purification, oil regeneration machine, oil recycling machine products, the demand will be very strong.

However, because the basis of Environmental Management is relatively weak, the input of capital is also Huan is not big enough, Zhishihuanbao practical needs of industry, there is a greater gap between potential demand and, as a basis for environmental monitoring Yi Qi Huanjingbaohu instrumentation is also not far Manzu development needs. As China’s investment in environmental protection continue to increase, the environmental protection industry will become the new economic growth point. According to the authorities concerned to incomplete statistics, in 1998 China’s environmental instrumentation and control system output of about 1.17 billion yuan, increased to 4.2 billion by 2005, and 2010 will increase to 11 billion yuan. Shows that predicted environmental instrumentation industry will usher in an unprecedented development opportunities, the market prospect is extremely broad.,,,,,,

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China oil purifier catch up with Germany

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2005, Germany is an important gathering of small and medium oil purifier one of enterprises. Now, Ota larger factories have moved to China to take advantage of much cheaper labor. By 2007, industry began to show signs of hollowing out the area more than 1 / 3 of the Enterprise by the impact of cheap Chinese labor, had to choose out of business, discontinued or close down altogether. Many factories closed down now become a real estate development site (, ).

The German phenomenon of the decline of oil purifier industry, precisely because of Germany’s oil purification consumer companies have turned to China to buy cheap Chinese oil recycling machine caused. According to statistics, since 1998, reaching a peak of 1.87 trillion yen, the German oil regeneration machine industry, sales continued to decline, by 2006 this figure was only 410 billion yen, the 1998 1 / 5 more . In addition, compared with the peak in 2006, when oil purifier manufacturer in Germany decreased by approximately 8.5%, a decrease of about 30% of employees, production decline rate of 11%. Tokyo Ota oil purification business difficulties, the German oil recycling machine industry is a vivid portrayal of the status quo (, ).

In sharp contrast with Germany, China’s oil regeneration machine industry since 20 years ago began an unprecedented growth. 1996 and One – In 2002, China oil purifier manufacturing output up 14% of average. In 2003, the figure is a staggering 25%. To the present, in accordance with the output value terms, China’s oil purification 2006 sales of 720 billion, has become the world’s third largest oil purifier manufacturer after the United States and Germany. In the eastern coastal areas, especially in Jiangsu and Zhejiang, intensive oil recycling machine company formed many clusters. Most of these companies have imported high-grade oil regeneration machine manufacture machine tools, large factories and hard working employees. Compared with the German counterparts, China’s oil purifier plant is not worried about not get orders, but the fear of too many orders (, ).

Although the absolute value of oil purification industry is not large, but because of its manufacturing system is in a unique position, making oil recycling machine industry with the ability to determine the overall level of manufacturing. oil regeneration machine is a modern industry, especially in automotive, aerospace, electronics, appliances, instruments, equipment, weapons, commodities and other necessary technical equipment, the products of these industries output 60% – 90% of the parts are rely on oil purifier molding. oil purification directly restricts the development of manufacturing technology, product upgrading capability and competitiveness.


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Oil purifier better-than-expected corporate tolerance

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Oil purifier focus as a modern large-scale sets of equipment, national defense building an important part of technical equipment and the source of the information industry, information technology to stimulate industrialization is an important link, applications covering industry, agriculture, transportation, technology, environmental protection, national defense and people’s livelihood all aspects of the national economy and pulling huge multiplier effect. And revitalize the equipment manufacturing industry can not do without oil recycling machine Therefore, the development of the industry cause for concern.

Since 2009, the face of world financial crisis, oil purification industry sales growth is down sharply again, but the joint efforts of the industry has bottomed out and achieve a smooth recovery and development. oil regeneration machine to accurately grasp the development of the industry, and industry trends in 2010 forecast, the reporter was recently interviewed oil purifier Association Special Adviser to the Xi Jiacheng, Sinorama will publish in two related manuscripts to readers.

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Attention to oil processing equipment company

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Financial crisis, oil purifier industry in the up cycle. oil purification industry after 2008′s “economic winter”, the usher in the spring of 2010, oil regeneration machine manufacturing industry into the rising cycle. Statistics show that industrial output value of industry in 2009 oil recycling machine 1.123658 trillion yuan, 228.212 billion yuan output value of new products, up 52.5%. National Manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) 2010 年 3 months to set 55.1%, 3.1 percentage points higher last month. The index is based on the economic stabilization consecutive 10 months in more than 50% of the critical point, indicating that overall manufacturing economy continues to maintain the growth momentum, the growth rate significantly.

Common equipment rapid growth, concerns general petrochemical production and import substitution products listed companies. 2010 Jan-Feb, general equipment manufacturing sector grew by 22.3%, compared to the month in December to speed up 4.2 percentage points. General oil purifier device over the main products Jiucheng growth products, including 29 kinds of products more than 30% growth. Which increase faster in the petroleum equipment and import generic substitutes. As the high-end universal oil purification equipment or by foreign monopolies, the domestic high-end devices still rely on imports. Based on the above, we can produce so concerned about the fans, compressors and production of import substitutes, the company is worth a long-term concern.

滤油机 真空滤油机

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Main production machine-building industry showed a steady upward trend indicators

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January ~ November, its main production of industrial oil purifier indicators continue to show steady upward trend, production, sales growth up month by month, the new oil purification product output growth accelerated, export delivery value decreased year on year growth rate slowed, but the decline did not change. Output of major products, some of the oil recycling machine products since last October started a low base, so this year’s 11-year monthly production increased considerably.

oil regeneration machine production and sales growth continued its steady recovery

In January ~ November, domestic oil purifier industry industry-wide total industrial output value 9.624757 trillion yuan, up 14.09 percent, lower than same period last year dropped 11.02 percent, compared with January ~ October increased by 1.8 percentage points. In January ~ November the whole industry achieved sales output in 9.36803 trillion yuan, up 14.01%, lower than same period last year dropped 11.22 percent, compared with January ~ October increased 2.08 percentage points. Total output value and sales value from month to see year on year growth, due to a low base last year, in November, this year’s November sales growth in excess of 30%, respectively 30.94% and 31.9%, lower than in October of this year increased 7.04 and 9.2 percentage points, production and sales growth are the highest level this year.


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Katsuni sitting in his large office chair

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Katsuni sitting in his large office chair, the ecstasy to the west overlooking the sunset. She has worked as a secretary told not allow anyone to disturb, she wanted to sort out what their own thoughts and ponder the meaning of his own pursuit of ……

Katsuni childhood because their parents struggle enough to live comfortably, but the evil Fu Xi Xi, a 30-year climb to their parents while she had to settle abroad after their own independent business with a family electronics company, but enjoying the honor Shicaiaowu, so there is no contact with men an inviting, has remained single. Company pretty well, every day from his mansion by a 40-year-old driver Ch’en shuttle to and from the company, living rich and mildly passed, Katsuni to maintain good health and have slightly fatter, but her slender white 1:00 is not bloated, but just look a little charm.

In the company, Katsuni bold style has won respect and dignity, the level of staff at all levels are afraid to look up to her and follow its advice. In the same time was proud of her and sometimes felt faint hint of actually lonely and tired.

oil purifier oil recycling machine oil purification oil regeneration machine
如何创业 怎么创业 怎样创业 阳关道 滤油机 真空滤油机

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Asian beauty Katsumi

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Asian beauty Katsumi

Asian beauty Katsumi, the woman is the more mixed-race France, the current AVN Awards, she is second only to Jenna’s second landscape character, in one fell swoop include “Annual foreign producers, the best interactive DVD, the best anal sex, Best teaser Performance “four technical awards.

Katsumi is 2006AVN Best Actress runner-up Grand Prix could be called Rounds, the film exciting, Goddess can be described as original BT forum leader, from the Private series, the myth series, a large AV series is indeed a series of exciting, popular index rated Forum most.

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